The crypto-first model agency has unveiled the Blockchain Ambassadors. (Press-release)

Botanico is the crypto-first model agency, and you’ll probably either love it or hate it. Will it become just another punchline to a joke, or could it really be the catalyst that makes blockchain fashionable?

Botanico, the self-appointed “Blockchain Ambassadors”, was launched only two weeks ago but is happy to officially confirm that three cryptocurrency projects have already agreed to work with them. Moreover, the list of Blockchain Ambassadors is growing day by day — more and more beautiful people are available for hire on Botanico’s website, including fashion models and cryptocurrency evangelists, such as Daria Arefieva.

Previously, Botanico was a marketing agency that worked with ICOs. The company spotted an issue with which many projects contend: they lack the human faces on their team pages to truly engage the site’s visitors. To address this, even some of your favourite ICOs go as far as creating fake profiles of team members.

To blockchain startups, Botanico extends its hand with the offer of a simple solution: hire a team member for a launch. It’s no big deal, provided you are okay with collaborating with fashion models. Blockchain Ambassadors itself is the brainchild of Yana, a former model, and Ivan, a blockchain entrepreneur. The creative minds at Botanico developed it as a special project and, although it came to outgrow its parent company, the initiative was not wholeheartedly welcomed by every team member at the agency.

“When I came up with the idea, a few women declared that the project was against their feminist vision”, explains Ivan Sokolov, Creative Director at Botanico. “But that was a drama I was searching for”.

The project was inspired first and foremost by Yana and Ivan’s wealth of past experience. Yana was a fashion model from Asia and moved to St Petersburg where she lived with a little-known film director, who would later become an award-winning filmmaker (as well as her husband). Her knowledge was thrown into the cauldron along with Ivan’s grounding in the fintech and blockchain industries, but the project did not take off until one more ingredient was added: Miss Iowa 2014.

Jessica Versteeg is not just a beautiful person. She was shrewd enough to jump aboard the hype-train and start her own ICO business, growing weed and selling it on blockchain. It is almost impossible to stand out in the saturated market of PotCoin projects, but Jessica somehow manages it. We need more people like Jessica.

Pre-Botanico, the blockchain industry and fashion models usually operated in separate worlds. There is, however, potential for a mutually beneficial alliance. For models, it represents an opportunity to bring their ideas to a new, budding and intellectually stimulating economy. For the blockchain industry, it is a chance to increase its mainstream appeal.

“Sex is not just about activity, but it’s about gender diversity. And about the moment when you can feel the beauty and energy between some polar powers: man and woman”, says Ivan.

Do you remember in the ’80s, when supermodels became the face of pop culture? Well, every booming market needs a face. Before Botanico, blockchain was faceless. There were only brains.

Allow yourself to be charmed by the Blockchain Ambassadors on the website and the official Instagram page. You may think that it’s a joke, but even jokes can be worth your while.

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