Done is better than perfect

One thing I was struggling with for a long, long time is perfectionism. Perfectionism is the biggest bitch of them all. You don’t click publish until everything is perfect, from the story, pictures, language, SEO potential and so on and so forth.

Basically it translates into:

  1. Everything takes impossible long to finish of its own. Add up a much higher rate of procrastination, since perfect is hard to get to and just the idea of it is so daunting that … I’ll do it once I’m done checking FB.
  2. Unclear priorities (perfecting everything). Many things are just not meant to be perfect and if so, then probably not from the very beginning.
  3. Sometimes the perfect version is so unreal that it’s better not even bother starting.

In the past months I’ve done a great progress on “fuck it, let’s just do the bare bones and see what happens”.

This blog is an example, I don’t even bother correcting the posts. I write a post, say what I want to say and I’m done with it. The goal is to get used to writing regularly anyway and for that goal this is enough.

I started HappyButterflyBowTies. The website is quite frankly laughable, but at this point it’s enough. It was done in a few short hours and I could get back to other stuff.

I started to exercise. I’ve been swimming for many years, but just recently I decided to add other things into the mix. So I just wrote what I’m going to do in the morning, very basic few exercises and went with it. It’s not for every part of my body and that’s fine, at least I’m doing something and I can improve on it later.

At it works. It works, because the #1 step is easy. It works, because the habit is created and then it all goes on autopilot. When I was starting writing, I would stare into the monitor and would have no idea what to write about. Now the ideas come to me and I actually really enjoy it.