How I got into swing dancing

Yesterday it’s been 5 months since I started to dance swing. Something that has changed my life. And it all started by a coincidence:

So one Friday I was cycling home, tired after work. My brain was no longer functioning and I took a wrong turn — and there I bumped into a friend of mine. She was going to Wilton’s to try “the swing thing”, so I went along. I got many compliments on my “wicked 40s outfit”, which was in fact what I wore to the office that day. I took the taster class and then stayed for the social, having a lot of fun despite my total, total lack of competence. One girl there, Shivani,​ warned me that once you start with lindy you can’t stop. How right she was!

Wilton’s. This picture is from Scott’s swing book launch. Best venue ever!

So I went again next week, to another social. I started to talk to a girl, Theresa, and she asked me where do I go to classes. “What classes?” I thought the way it works is you show up, dance with people and learn. Theresa recommended me London Bridge Swing Patrol classes.

So I started to go to London Bridge to learn from Ben and Robyn. They are both fabulous, great and fun teachers and great people.

Theresa’s last class in London, before she went back to Vienna. With Robyn and Ben. And me.

In October we broke the world record in number of people dancing charleston–975! It was a great day and a lot of fun.

Over the past few months I went from dancing once a week to dancing pretty much every single day. Apart of lindy, I added blues to the mix and I’m working on my balboa and just recently also on collegiate shag.

Overall, the last 5 months were amazing. I had so much fun, I met so many amazing people and I replaced going to bars on Friday nights with something much healthier.

So thanks everyone. I’m really happy to be part of this amazing community.