Consensus: Proof of Involvement and Integrity (PII)

In NeuroChain, the transparency due to the transaction validation and traceability based applications will create a real Value (valuable worth) constructed on information circulating in the network and on distributed certified documents (IPFS).

The value created in direct manner by rewarding the process of validation and incorporation in the Blockchain is, in some way, a transparency integration in the network, as this increases the trust between the Bots. It is, therefore, important to include the measure of the information traveling through the bots and its weight, to achieve the consensus and make fair decisions. It is, also, important to include feedback measurement of the Bot integrity in the consensus process. This measure is based on anomaly detection, lineage process and coherence algorithms which evaluate the coherence and the robustness of the Bot exchanges. The consensus is called Proof of Involvement and Integrity (PII).

The story of the consensus is as following:

The leader election is based on the involvement of the Bot in the network and its integrity. The measurement of the involvement and the integrity of the Bot is related, first, to information and transactions exchanged in the network (Entropy and Enthalpy), and second, to the score of transparency of each Bot, dynamically attributed depending on their real value contribution (certifications) and their reliability. The score is normalised over the network in order to have a direct discrimination scale.