Emancipation of the Internet

I want my Internet back, but where do I put it?

It’s time to play, tinker with toys. It’s time to build, touch, love and get back at hammering the machinery of the Internet. Time to discover a digital Renaissance, of which I believe we’re witnessing the budding.

Where we begin

When power is condensed, it is prone to abuse. We learned this at our expenses and it’s the reason why we fought, and somewhere still are fighting, for democracy.
Turns out, information is power and as such it needs to be decentralized.

Placing your data

Historically, this data was used to industrialize discrimination and assassinations. Europeans are particularly sensitive to privacy concerns.

  • What personal information do you require and what do you store? Is it encrypted?
  • How is such personal information being used and under what circumstances it is handed over to external individuals, organizations and law enforcement agencies?
  • Do you provide encrypted communications to your services and your staff?
  • Is the data hosted through your services encrypted on disk?
  • Do you retain logs? What kind and for how long?
  • Who in your company, and under which circumstances can gain access to my personal information, and to the services I lease?
  • When our contract is over, is my information and data retained? For how long and for what purposes?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we would organize locally to sustain our own digital needs? Bringing together your neighborhood, your hackerspace, your company or your group of friends providing them an email service for example?



Senior Technologist at Amnesty International

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