“Collaboration bots make easier team task and project management using multiple tools.”
Whats the need of collaboration bots for Slack

1- Comprehensive task management software increases work efficiency
2- Provide summary of your team’s work
3- The successful team contains controlling, planning and evaluating your team’s work. 
4- You will have the overview of your team’s task and progress report.

Bot My Work's tools enhance collaboration and help to coordinate every task. It can easily manage every one task and schedule easily and notify about completed task.
Depending on your team you can use tools, you can easily dominate the projects and real time monitoring which is not in other bots.
So integrate our agile task management bots with your favorite tools for free.

Our Slack bots:

BusyOn help to the team member to track other team members task What they are busy on. Using BusyOn bot team member can update their task by using /busyOn command in the respective channel. Now all the channel member can track the task easily. You can manage multiple teams task using this bot.

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Install app: https://slack.com/apps/A3UR0E3EU-busy-on

  • Trata
    You can create the project by using /project command and assign the task to the team member. It can help to get each project report in one click. You can also filter tasks easily within Slack based on the project, user, time and priority.
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