Introducing the @BusyOn bot for Google Hangouts Chat

Recently we launched BusyOn bot integration with Google Hangouts Chat. Say any simple 1 to 1 chat or even team meeting of your workplace, Hangouts Chat will make it a lucrative process in a managed way. And with BusyOn bot within Hangouts Chat, you can now track updates of the teammates in real-time and on which projects they are working upon. Additionally, get the List of Activities of current day, as well as the previous days, all without leaving Chat. You can also check how much time is spent on each activity. Getting started is easy — type “@BusyOn” in any room in Chat to add the BusyOn bot.

Here at Botmywork, we always use G Suite tools in our team. Google has done tremendous job while creating this package of great tools like Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, Docs, Sheet, etc. At our workplace, it was difficult many times to track activities of team members, for same day as well as previous day. Also, when did someone finished his/her task and how much time one spent on his task. Tracking time spent is very important while calculating cost while charging with clients. We tried several tools for this purpose but switching between our project discussion and tracking tool so very much frustrating. Hence we come up with BusyOn bot for Hangouts Chat.

Now, how you and your team members can use BusyOn within Hangouts Chat?

  • Type @BusyOn followed by your task in the message box and press enter.
  • Once done, your task will be listed in to the integrated Room.
  • To mark an activity as Complete, just type @BusyOn done in the Room in Hangouts Chat to mark your current activity as completed.
  • To view your today’s activities from Hangouts Chat, use @BusyOn list in the Room in Hangouts Chat to get the list of all your activities performed today.
  • Finally, you will be able to check how much time is spent on each activity took from BusyOn web application.

To get setup BusyOn integration inside of Chat, simply mention “@BusyOn” in any room and the bot will guide you through the process.

Curious to learn more about Google Hangouts Chat and how to get it ? See their blog post. You can also contact us if you are looking for a custom bot for Hangouts Chat for your specific business needs.

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