Indeed, identity politics has become an elemental feature of the contemporary progressive agenda, and the pervasiveness of victimization narratives — of which many are baseless and textbook cases of overreach — have been destructive to our political discourse.
If The American Experiment Is To Survive, Conservatives Must Get Serious About Racism
Jonathan Godoy

Identity politics are much more the domain of the right wing than many are willing to admit.

The George Wallace candidacy was pure identity politics, Jim Crow was pure identity politics, the whitewashing of historical exclusion of Irish and Italian and Jewish immigrants from 'whiteness' is pure identity politics.

The idea that second or third generation whites (a vast majority of the Republican base) have a greater claim to be 'descendants' of American history while denying blacks an equivalent (let alone greater) legacy, many of whom are two if not three times as many generations deep on this continent as these racist Republicans is, you guessed it, more identity politics.

Now, that’s not even getting started on the ridiculous victimization claims of racists and Sharia Christians.

The left is always responding to the removal of “Sharia-disapproved” identities by conservative identity politics. I know of no equivalent erasure on the left, though I am curious to read your response.

And despite this critical response, I want to thank you for this article and for your efforts along the lines of this article.