According to Snopes, Fake News Is Not the Problem
Jessi Hempel

While I am sympathetic with the narrative that the decline in MSM accuracy is resource related, I think that it is given the lie when examining the extensive history of the NYT lying in the lead up to the Iraq War, to their suppression of the NSA wiretapping story during the 2004 elections, to their failure to do ANY reporting on the investigations into Michael Connell and the Ohio 2004 discrepancies. Now when I mention Connell, I’m just a conspiracy theorist and the primary way to prove it is because he was *not* mentioned in the NYT. I’m used to it but it is absolutely frustrating to watch the real story disappear and have all your so-called educated friends roll their oh-so-informed eyes. They read the NYT, it wasn’t printed. Ipso facto, it didn’t happen.

Then we can start talking about their behavior this year, with their disparaging and dismissive coverage of the only Democratic candidate to have large populations at their rallies.

The MSM has been complicit in some of the most disgusting misinformation campaigns and cover ups in American history, all within the last 30 odd years.

So I completely agree that this is not just about fake news, it’s about trust in traditional media outlets. But for my money, it is not solely caused by resource problems but in fact is a *source* of their resource problems. Trust is fully eroded and I would not pay a subscription to the NYT if they were the last paper on earth.

They walked away from their journalistic responsibilities before their cash flow dried up.