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We asked our Twitter community for πŸ”₯ question for our panel.

πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thanks Ariel Jalali, Aron van Ammers, Kirk Borne, George Anadiotis and Julie Albright for this discussion below:

Our 5th edition of bottish December 7, 2017 unfolded in the new boutique style. 6 speakers and a higher density of content and interaction about the worldwide automation going on with bots, AI, machine learning and robotics was a great exit.

For the first time we streamed our conference not only online to our >1800 members community in slack but in addition we co-hosted over 10 offline meet-ups in various cities in Europe.

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Starting 5.30pm CET with the opening session, Thomas Schulz welcomes the hosts in Switzerland, UK, France, Croatia and Austria with over 300 participants.

This was the starting point to an intensive, 180 minutes lasting firework of knowledge transfer, best practise and expert insights presentations from our speakers. Overall we had >1000 online viewers joining the webinars. …

The uncocooning of bottish out from the botscamp is not the regular story of the caterpillar which transformed into a butterfly. As an analogy it would be from a butterfly to an updated butterfly.

Since December 2016: 4 conferences, over 50 speakers from 15 countries, close to 1700 members in our online community, more than 4600 followers on Twitter and countless interactions on all digital channels.

Now the founder Thomas Schulz shifts up three gears. The 5th edition December 7, starting 5.30pm CET, will unfold in the new boutique style. …

The first botscamp year was a full throttle ride into and through the digital world auf automation. Since 2016 the founder Thomas Schulz unfolded a complete new approach of knowledge transfer by the first, fastest and biggest digital conference of its kind.

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At the gate to the 4th edition the botscamp nurtures almost 1400 members in the 24/7 Slack community hosted partially by @sprkybot and soon we welcome follower 4500 in Twitter.

Now you can join the wave. Jump into the Slack community and be part of the program shapers β€” vote for the 14 presentations you like to experience. …

The third edition not only marked new figures by reaching more than 1200 participants from 40 countries in the 24/7 Slack community, over 4100 followers in Twitter and a reach to some 100’000 people via the partner network. And the botscamp is growing daily thanks to the mostly automated conference service by @Sprkybot β€” since the start in August 2016.

botscamp 3: Opening Session with our partners Eyeson & NEO Network

The highlight was a technical world premiere β€” to have the livestream in Slack too thanks to your smart tech-partner eyeson. And another cool feature are the registration forms by our further partner Typeform. Now the botscamp community experiences after onboarding as participant or speaker or partner β€” everything in Slack. …

Barcelona/Zurich, June 27, 2017.

In August 2016 the digital (health) expert Thomas Schulz ignites the botscamp β€” the first worldwide conference about bots, AI and machine learning. The goal is to create the one platform where everyone involved is able to present, collaborate and learn.

No ticket costs nor travel costs or travel time and even the replays are free. The botscamp works as a true online conference with a dramatic reduced CO2 footprint. That even weights much more when taken into account that the botscamp produces 4 editions a year. Swiss Made for the world.

Speakers do the 1-minute explainer, participants vote

Like in the botscamp conferences so far in December 2016, April and upcoming 3rd edition June 29, 2017 there are 14 presentations to be voted each time by the participants ie. the 24/7 botscamp community in Slack, so far more than 1100 experts, aficionados and interested people. …



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