#botscamp 3: June 29th, 2017

Jul 3, 2017 · 3 min read

The third edition not only marked new figures by reaching more than 1200 participants from 40 countries in the 24/7 Slack community, over 4100 followers in Twitter and a reach to some 100’000 people via the partner network. And the botscamp is growing daily thanks to the mostly automated conference service by @Sprkybot — since the start in August 2016.

botscamp 3: Opening Session with our partners Eyeson & NEO Network

The highlight was a technical world premiere — to have the livestream in Slack too thanks to your smart tech-partner eyeson. And another cool feature are the registration forms by our further partner Typeform. Now the botscamp community experiences after onboarding as participant or speaker or partner — everything in Slack. The livestream conference every three months, a strong collaborative knowledge flow and meeting new bot people around the world.

That was the lineup of speakers:

> Anastasia Green, CEO Be Aware, Chatbots as a new type of user interface
> Julia Grässer, Enterprise Sales Executive DACH iMotions, Powering Innovation through Emotional Analytics
> Sunjoy Mathieu, Founder Community Catalyst and Aisha Schnellmann, Community Catalyst HEALTHINAR, Bot ethics — what AI can teach us about being human
Chiara_AI, Communication Officer for Science and Technology Balzano Informatik, ML in the interpretation of knee MRI
> Leo Kangin, Founder MojiBots.com, How I Got 300K+ Users in 2 Months on Messenger
> Cem Dilmegani, Co-founder appliedAI, $20 Billion opportunity: Customer service bots
> Gabriel Piffaretti, Consultant Green Blue Technologies, The 4 horsemen of the Chatbocalypse
> Sohan Maheshwar, Lead Developer Relations Gupshup, Bot to bot communication: The next frontier
> Owais Afaq, CTO RightClick.io, AI to Enhance Emotional Experience
> Tony Lucas, Co-Founder Converse.AI, Bots & Conversational Workflow: Where the real value is
> Antoine AAMARCHA, Co-founder Gogowego, Connect smart cities with Chatbots
> Marc Hadfield, Founder Vital AI, Haley AI Bot & Agent Platfom
> Jonathan Maskew, BD Director Clerksroom Direct, The World’s 1st Robot Chatbot Junior Clerk
> Todd Terrazas, CEO Brainitch, Why HANS?

We are proud about the strong impact by the wonderful picture world of Boris Baldinger who underlines our Swiss Made quality promise. Yet still our CET central european time zone set from Barcelona and Zurich needs now and there time to be understood.


For the third edition and with the eye on the botscamp 4 on September 28th, 2017 we started to emphasize on the effect, that the botscamp as a digital conference shows some incredible carbon offset reduction. No travel costs mean no one has to fly to a venue. No ticket costs mean not hurry around to get them. Combined with the effect having no catering, no venue with electricity, heating and other infrastructures creates a first mover position for the botscamp in the bot world by having a stunning ecological footprint.


As a pioneer with a holistic approach we strive persistently for diversity and a wide focus for the contents of the 14 presentations at each botscamp. So within the bundle of bot makers, researchers and experts with initiatives we encourage female founders and womeninbots to participate. To have some kind of overview we checked our worldwide unique ranking #bottish100 of the bot people with social media influence; from the total of currently >1900 people ranked our new list every 14 days shows more than 380 #womeninbots (21%).

botscamp Closing & Panel: In which industry or customer relationship area do you see the biggest bot potential?

And the outlook to the 4th edition of the botscamp shows a change as well. We already received some 15 applications for speakers, some even asked us about the December date. Finally we opened the possibilites for companies or institutions or networks to join as official partners of community partners.

Hope you see you latest Sept 28, 2017 5pm CET to our #botscamp edition 4.
Join us now for free and get all the replays from our last botscamp incl.

Thomas Schulz, Founder http://botscamp.co

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