#bottish 🚀 Edition 5: Shifting our conference

Dec 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Our 5th edition of bottish December 7, 2017 unfolded in the new boutique style. 6 speakers and a higher density of content and interaction about the worldwide automation going on with bots, AI, machine learning and robotics was a great exit.

For the first time we streamed our conference not only online to our >1800 members community in slack but in addition we co-hosted over 10 offline meet-ups in various cities in Europe.

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Starting 5.30pm CET with the opening session, Thomas Schulz welcomes the hosts in Switzerland, UK, France, Croatia and Austria with over 300 participants.

This was the starting point to an intensive, 180 minutes lasting firework of knowledge transfer, best practise and expert insights presentations from our speakers. Overall we had >1000 online viewers joining the webinars.

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If you missed one or the other session, here you may view them as a replay again:

  • Kat Mustatea Discovering delightful chatbots Replay
  • Aakrit Vaish Changing Behavior — Building Chatbots at scale Replay
  • Yao Zhang Wiring Empathy into Robots Replay
  • Obaid Ahmed Conversational Design Principles Replay
  • Neiv Allen Schwartz Arti | Your Textbook Shopping Assistant Replay
  • Frédéric GONNET Chatbots in Healthcare Replay


The 6th bottish online conference will take place in February 22, 2018 and will speed up to a two-month model. An unbeatable knowledge flow to reflect the exponential growth of automation.

If you would like to join us as a speaker or host please get in contact with us. Application will close latest Jan 11, 2018. Bear in mind we will only have 6 presenters per edition. 👉🏼 Apply now

We want to thank again all our sponsors, partners, speakers, communities and participants who supported us for this fantastic 2017. We are excited what the next year and editions will bring and we thrive our goal to provide free access to the best experts, interesting new projects and insights in the bots, AI, machine learning and robotics space.

See and talk to you soon. Are you bottish?
Thomas Schulz

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