Lemons Mesh And Lemon

(observing with attention)

The bag of lemons Lori brings home from
Trader Joe’s ends up on the second to top
fridge door shelf.

After cutting and squeezing two wedges of
half of a week old (a bit shrunken) lemon
…I drop the new bag on the butcher block
and trim out the bright yellow plastic mesh
with a kitchen scissors and throw away the
label that runs the full length of the bag.

I have been saving the mesh that holds the
lemons for close to a year now.
Wanting to paint my wire art assemblages
…in the separate garage…this lemon mesh
yellow but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I also like the pale yellow of the rind of a new
freshly cut lemon…that’s a heavenly color.
And the slight variance of yellows of the
glistening pulp…and brown speckles on the
outer skin.

My daughter Amarah told me once…during
breakfast…that a Reader’s Digest article said,
“Smelling Lemon Can Lighten Your Mood And
Relieve Depression.”
I do like the light contemporary yellows
…and spritely kick of a glass of lemon water.

You asked for something optimistic.

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