Tornado Storm Window

I was in the south room…closest to the lake.
The window framed
a blue-black-dark-gray-dust-animation.
I kept a distance from the window’s scraping
and swirling of aromatic dirt
…rain…twig pieces…and mud splatters.

As a small boy…the event
…I recall…was very mysterious.
A haunting dream.
Forms thrown about…beyond the window
…were abstract.
Of course there was absolute quiet
just before the undefinable tornado
unleashed its amazing power near the lake.
Trees whipping and thrown parts of limbs
were one in the same.

I stood there still…mesmerized…as my Mom
called me to come to the basement.
The tornado was a secret before it appeared
at our end of town
…so large behind the the neighborhoodscape.

I was told once by a psychic woman
that a dominant part of my nature is a Spiral
…and it fit right into the creative grooves
during that moment
…gazing at all of that spinning stuff
so close to the glass…with intense-fixed-eyes.

The storm turned a lot of organic material
upside-down and gave us all it had
…and what a moving performance it was.
Afterwards…there are cool subdued blood
and warm grey threads transfixed
in my night sleepless and dream flashbacks
of the event no one has really talked about
a year and years after.

It stayed with me enough to occasionally
re-occur as visions.
Its violent potential shoving around
black clouds and lifting garden gravel
as a fast moving presentation.
I do not recall running to the basement
…or being pulled there (under ground level)
from where I stood.

Worms pulled from the earth…and this sort
of magic-beautiful-potentially-fatal-chaos
has influenced some of my visual art.
I was alone
for this strange larger than life moment
…without hearing any indications of hysteria
like yelling…screams…or cries.

It slapped our house so many times until it
was over and we came up from the basement
…went outside and saw the uneven
…rounded…vivid green areas of grass yards.

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