The full-stack employee
Chris Messina

After reading your piece and that of Ms. Chang’s, I left feeling that the middle ground is about attitude, not action. Many times, it’s about being, not doing.

As I navigate life, I see something that saddens me tremendously. Bright, talented and motivated people throw themselves into their work. The idea is to burn the candle at both ends while young, gain enough wealth to retire early, then spend that extra time with their families while they have the health and vitality to enjoy it. Sadly, very few achieve that goal. More often, they lose those times that don’t come again — like the achievements of their children — and the people they love. At the end, they have no family, and are in poor health. They die young, alone, and bitter.

Be open to new ideas! Be curious about new developments! Willingly work fluidly with others! Life will present you with more adventures than you can handle. Just don’t lose sight of the important things in life — your family, your friends, and the life experiences that keep you young at heart. Your employer will be better off, and so will you.