My First Post

After reading the instructions to the Final Digital Assignment, I have decided to create my project around option 1 due to the fact I will not be participating in service learning this year.

So, what will I share in this story? I want this story to show my everyday life in college. I want it to show what type of person I am, what I bring to this big campus, and who my friends are. I want to get involved and record my new found findings. I would like to join a student group to be able to include my experiences with that in this project. I will look into this farther in the near future to begin my research as soon as possible. I am also interested in finding other students who are a first generation student as well. I will ask them questions along the lines of, “What made you decide to attend college when your parents did not?” I will make sure to share my similar story to them if the chose to share theirs with me.

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