How To Digitally Transform Your Organization

Believe it or not, there was once a time when “The Street” looked at Facebook and said, “You’re not a mobile company.”

Today, can you imagine Facebook ever NOT being considered a mobile company?

What Zuckerberg did in response to this was so genius. He essentially took it upon himself to issue a directive that, from that day forward, anybody who was going to show him a feature set to the product needed to show it on a mobile phone.

Facebook became a mobile company, basically overnight.

And that’s the heart of what I want to get into here, which is:

If you really want to transform a large organization, it has to come from the top.

What’s interesting about direction from the top is it does two things:

  1. It forces the organization to change literally overnight
  2. It transforms the mindset of senior leadership

To expand a little on the second thing, what it does is it instantly makes the senior leaders in your company experts on that specific offering, because they’re now suddenly being exposed to so much of it on a daily basis.

So, whether leadership cares about becoming new types of advertisers (i.e. mobile), or they care about collecting data, or they want to instill services under their products, you go about it the same way.

And if you are a business leader and you want to optimize your organization for, say, Snapchat, you just issue the directive: “Just show me concepts that involve Snapchat.”

Or if you want data, I would be giving away every single pack of product just to get consumers’ phone numbers in exchange. Get it?

That’s digital transformation, and it starts with you.

Think about the levers of digital transformation that you really want to pull as an organization, and think about how simple doing something like that is. Then, watch how transformational it will be to your company.

We can pay lip service all we want inside of large organizations to the idea of digital transformation, but it’s another thing to actually take it really seriously. If you’re just picking at the edges and you’re pretending that you’re digitally transforming, the fact of the matter is you’re not really doing anything.

The answer is not: “I’m going to hire a bunch of consultants.” As a senior leader, you should learn and experience what it really takes.

Could you have turned Facebook from a non-mobile company to a mobile company in the short period of time that Mark Zuckerberg did?

Probably not, but I truly believe that top-down digital transformation is the only way to unlock that potential for growth.

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