The Path to Making Small Business Ownership Great Again

As you know full well by now, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and the scaling of small businesses. It’s why I created the B-Suite (as I mentioned in my last article) — so I could help connect small biz owners with the people in my network who I think can most help them grow their businesses.

Recently, I attended and gave a keynote at Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego. I love this summit because it’s where thousands of marketers come to hear what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s working in the world of digital marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the business leaders I met there, as well as their tips, tricks, and advice for you to be a better owner for your business:

Billy Gene: CEO, Billy Gene Marketing, Inc.

As I moved out of corporate America, I realized that 80% of small businesses fail because they don’t have access to capital and they don’t know how to grow. When I ran into Billy Gene and discussed this with him at the conference, he added that they often don’t know what to do with the capital once they get it, either.

Here’s what else he told me:

“You have to get really great at something. If it’s about earning income, you have to be good at something. Think about the highest earning careers that are out there. Doctor, lawyer. Man, to be a doctor you’ve got to go to school for eight years, you’ve got to do a residency for another four years after that, and the list goes on. In turn, you’ve got to pass the bar, et cetera. Business is the only sport in the world where people come in and they just think they should make it. There’s no work before. They’re not learning, they’re not investing in themselves, so, as far as tactical steps, learn.”

“You have all these companies that have been around forever, 20–30 years, but they have no idea how to survive — Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads — and they’re failing. If people don’t learn, they will go out of business. So, ultimately, it’s get really good at it!”

Jon Talarico: Founder, Million In You

When I ran into Jon Talarico, who manages Les Brown’s business and works with some of the top online marketers, as well as business partners like Akon, I asked him what both entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” can learn from him. This is what he said:

“One of the important messages is you don’t necessarily have to be the CEO of your company to be a success. You can be a number two, number three, a support person and be the best at your job and whatever makes you happy, because, at the end of the day, it’s not money. It’s got to be something that’s satisfying and fulfilling and when you start to realize that, you have your own innate gift, and you start realizing what that gift is, and that gift is something unique to you and only you.”

“It’s what I call million dollar DNA. So each of us have our own million dollar opportunity inside of us, and it’s not for me or you really to decide, but it’s for them to know that it’s in there, and that they can overcome any obstacle. Everything can be overcome, and sometimes you just need that one special person to give you that push and that boost to know that you can become, and do, and be, and have anything that you want.”

I think this is especially a really great point by Jon. At the end of the day, you’re as naked when you come into this world as when you leave, and the only thing you take with you are the people, the relationships, and the experiences that you had. All the rest of this stuff is what it is, and if you can help other people reach the goals, dreams, and aspirations that they have, you feel good when you wake up in the morning.

“I think the most important thing is to wake up and start your day out with gratitude. Just be grateful.”

Ryan Deiss: CEO,

Last but not least, I caught up with Ryan Deiss, who heads up DigitalMarketer, the main driver behind Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Here’s his biggest advice for small biz owners:

“I think the biggest mistake that I see a lot of people make (and the biggest opportunity) is most small business owners, especially entrepreneurs, fall in love with their product. It’s a product that drove them there, and so they define their business by the product that they sell. Or, they define the business by the way that they sell it. I think the biggest opportunity is to look and say ‘I’m gonna define it by the market that I serve.’ Don’t fall in love with your product, fall in love with your customer.

I hope you found the business tips here useful, but as I mentioned above, the point of the B-Suite is to connect you with amazing people who can help you grow your business. Every person mentioned above provided me their contact information, which you can find in the video below. And if you can’t find them, reach out to me directly by texting (646) 759–1837.

Watch the full episode of the B-Suite from Traffic & Conversion Summit here: