The Benefits Of Promotional Inflatables

Like no other form of advertising, a promotional inflatable from Boulder Blimp Company can reach out to your audience and provide a new, often entertaining, and memorable perspective of your product. Advertising balloons generate brand awareness and drive sales. With competitors entering the market every day, it is important for a brand to be able to differentiate themselves from similar products and services being offered. For example, if your product is in a can, what better way to attract attention then by super sizing your product with a 20 foot tall custom inflatable can product replica. Although there are many ways to promote your product, inflatable advertising creates a lasting impact and attracts more attention than traditional advertising methods.

Why choose promotional inflatables?

Obtaining maximum visual exposure at events and special promotions has often been a challenge. Companies sponsor and produce events for the added name and product awareness sponsorship promises, but even strategically placed banners can be lost in the crowd. Boulder Blimp advertising inflatables offer a cost effective method for ensuring your market will know who you are! Giant, colorful inflatables are guaranteed to stand out in any crowd.

There are numerous benefits to using inflatable promotional products that are discussed below:

· An advertising balloon makes your brand memorable. Potentially the biggest benefit of advertising with inflatables is the lasting impact and lasting impression you can have on a consumer. When an advertisement has a strong visual impact, the consumer is far more likely to remember that brand.

· Set up is a Snap! Inflatables are portable and easy to use. Find your location, plug in your inflatable and tie down the straps. Within minutes of set up, you can make a huge impact.

· High Visibility. Large promotional inflatables can easily be spotted from a distance, and quickly become a familiar location used in reference to directions, such as “It’s right next to the Gorilla Inflatable.”

· Ideal for repeat use. When you order a inflatable product replica, you are ordering years of supplies for advertising. You can use the same inflatable at different locations and different times. This makes an inflatable promotion a great cost saving tool for business owners. For inflatable race arches, we include d rings on the arch legs. You can then interchange the banners on the legs of the race arches so that the arch can be used for a variety of events! When the inflatables are not in use, they can be deflated and easily stored in a compact space.

· An affordable and effective means of advertisement. Custom inflatables are surprisingly affordable (especially when you compare the costs to other traditional forms of advertising). Inflatables are an advertising investment that will create a positive image of your company’s name and logo in the mind of your market long after the end of a special event or promotion.

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