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Jun 11, 2019 · 3 min read

NeverBounce is an email verification platform. It began its journey as a digital marketing agency. After identifying the need for a profitable email list check, NeverBounce founded its business on its main attributes of accuracy, speed, support and price.

Today, NeverBounce has become a company trusted by 85,000 users to verify email data. NeverBounce has always focused on providing the best possible product, evolving with the ever changing technological world to better help our customers reach their customers.

email verification tool

How does NeverBounce compare to competitors

Email List Verify


  • Real-time verification for entering an individual and bulk email address for lists of all sizes
  • Processing 500 emails per second with a precision rate of 97.47%
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • No expiration of purchased credits



  • Using AI to improve accuracy
  • Ability to manually and automatically add more information to a customer card: age, location, gender, IP information
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Mx record detection
  • 98% accuracy rate
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Fix email typos
  • Anti-greylisting technology



  • Increased your deliverability rate by 95.29%
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Real-time verification API
  • Zero tolerance policy against spam
  • SMTP verification
  • Bulk Email Verification in minutes



Accuracy rate of 97.47%

  • Real-time verification and mass verification API
  • SMTP verification
  • Bulk Email Quick check: 3000 emails / minute
  • Possibility of payment in Euro
  • Up to 50% off for a monthly subscription
  • Upload possible of different formats: txt, cvs and xlsx
  • Very wide choice of monthly subscription possible



Real-time verification and mass verification API

Made in France

Scoring and segmentation of your leads

Cleaning your phone number list

NeverBounce vs. Bounceless


Bounceless is a tool specially designed to check and update your contacts before carrying out an emailing campaign. This is the must to reduce your bounce rates and significantly increase the deliverability of your emails to your customers.


You can choose the plan that suits you according to your budget. Spend less than $ 20 to check 2,500 emails.

However, you have the choice between picking a monthly or annual subscription.

Bounceless also offers a special rate for startups.

Why choose never bounce

Neverbounce allows you to check email addresses and clean your contact database, all in a non-contractual way. Everything is deployed using a very well-documented API.

The tool uses an exclusive real-time cleaning process of more than 20 steps.


  • Real-time verification for entering an individual and bulk email address for lists of all sizes
  • 3 minutes for processing a list of 10,000 emails with a 94.44% accuracy rate
  • Immediate integration with the main messaging platforms
  • Drag-drops information that you want to appear on your Dashboard


  • Free version: 1000 emails per month + Test your free lists before treatment
  • Pay-as-you-go: Decreasing credit rate that does not expire
  • Average price

Is email verification needed for small businesses?

An email verification tool is needed for corporate or even small businesses. In the current email marketing era there is no alternative of email verification tools. Here are the causes:

  • Reducing the email bounce rate
  • Detection of spam accounts
  • Appending the data and IP
  • Blocking the invalid users
  • Detailed insights
  • Validating the API
  • Temporary email accounts detection
  • Providing the businesses with the overview of the detailed data
  • Options to download the selected results and data
  • Detection of the toxic domains
  • Enhanced performance and profit of the business
  • Competitive edge
  • Increased and authentic social connections

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You might not think much about your emails’ bounce rates, but they could actually determine how many

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