Thinking of hiring jumping castle for your kid’s birthday party? Go ahead. Jumping castle will add extra fun and enjoyment to the party, making it much more special for kids. Apart from jumping on the soft surface of the jumping castle, kids can enjoy dozens of fun games on it. Many people don’t know what sort of games kids can play on a jumping castle. For all those people, we are presenting ideas of 5 fun games that will keep kids occupied with the jumping castle.

Dance & Freeze

Dancing on jumping castle is so much fun .This Dance and Freeze game has simple rules. One of the parents will have to play music on a music player. As soon as music is played, all the kids should start dancing on the bouncy castle. After playing music for a minute or two, pause it. All the kids dancing on the jumping castle should stop dancing with the pause of the music. Kids who will not stop dancing immediately after pause of music will be out of the game and will have to leave bouncy castle.

Egg & Spoon race

Egg and Spoon race is every kid’s favourite game on annual sports day. Kids can enjoy this exciting game on jumping castle too. Make any one side of the jumping castle starting point of the race and make other side ending point of the race. Kids will have to finish the race while balancing egg upon the spoon. A kid whose egg will fall from the spoon will be disqualified. The kid who will finish race first will be the winner.

Capture the Flag

This outdoor game is full of fun. Kids will really enjoy playing this game on a jumping castle. what you all have to do is to divide kids into two teams. Each team will have its own flag. Every member of a team goes to other team’s base to capture their flag and will return back to his/her team’s base with the opponent’s flag. The winner of the game will capture maximum flags of opponent team.

Tumble Race

Kids can enjoy their all time favouite tumble race on a jumping castle. Make one point of the jumping castle starting line. Ask all the kids to stand on the starting line. After that the game supervisor should yell “The race starts now”. As a result, all kids should drop down and somersault on the jumping castle.

Once a kid reaches the other side of the castle, he/ she touch the wall of the castle and return back to the startling line quickly by somersaulting on the jumping castle. The kid who will reach starting line first will be declared as the winner of the game.


Volleyball is loved by both kids and adults. Playing volleyball on a jumping castle will be a lot more fun as you can jump high in the air to send ball over the net.

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