Inflatable bouncy castle is a special treat for kids at every function and party. All ages of kids love to jump, rock and roll in bouncy castles. Due to growing popularity of jumping castles, they are considered as one of the top party entertainment items. People often ask question related to should we buy bouncy castle or rent it from some inflatable hire company. Whether you should a bouncy castle or rent it depends on a lot of factors such as your budget, benefits & disadvantages of buying & renting jumping castles and how often do you need it.

Lets us discuss these factors in detail.


First of all, you should ask yourself do you need jumping castle over and over again or you rarely need it. It is said that people who throw frequent parties should buy a bouncy castle because it is more feasible for them as it is one time investment and they don’t have to pay rent every time they use it in a party. If you organize a party or function once or twice a year then it is better to hire jumping castle for that particular party. In this case, buying jumping castle will be an expensive option for you.


The cost of renting and buying jumping castle depends on from where you buy or rent it and what type and size of bouncy castle do you need? Apart from this, renting cost also depends on how long do you need it? If you can afford to buy a jumping castle but find it difficult to keep it safe and secure then it is better to hire it. If you cannot afford to buy a jumping castle then you have to rent it every time you need it. If you can afford to buy jumping castle and keep it safe from any damage it is better to buy it.

Benefits & disadvantages of renting & buying jumping castle

If you buy renting castle for yourself, you can make money by renting it out when you do not need it.

If you hire a bouncy castle for an event that gets damaged during the event then in this case you will be responsible to pay for the damage caused to the inflatable.

Renting a bouncy castle is really cost-effective, if you hire it for a one day party.

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