I wrote a lot about why Electron should be replaced, so it’s time to write about what it should be replaced with.

A few weeks back, I published this article on Electron and its fundamental issues. Near the end, I stated that WORA frameworks are never going to go away, but there are plenty of better ones to use than Electron. Let’s take a look at a few of those replacements today.

A/N: as I was writing this, Microsoft purchased Github, so we’ll see where Electron goes from here, if anywhere.

What are we looking for?

First and foremost, alternatives for Electron need to be efficient. Electron doesn’t have shared resources and runs the whole Chrome Embedded Framework for each individual app, causing lots of unnecessary storage…

Electron is bulky, slow, and fundamentally flawed in so many ways.

I’ve done web design and development for six years. I’ve worked on app design for even longer. I use Slack, Atom, and Discord on a daily basis. From all of this, I’ve learned one thing: Electron is an absolute mess.

To get a proper understanding of why Electron is such a mess, we need a short history lesson. In 1995, a company named Sun Microsystems released a programming language called Java. It came with the promise of programs being Write Once, Run Anywhere, or WORA; any Java app could be compiled once and run perfectly on any platform due to…

So SVCC just started releasing their special guest list. Among the people appearing are Adam Savage, Jeff Goldblum, Stan Lee, and Andy Weir. Other notable presences are the artist of many Scrooge McDuck comics, a Marvel Comics former Editor in Chief, and the Creative Director of Assasssins’ Creed and Far Cry. Can you tell an issue with all these people so far? They’re all white men.

Just taking a cursory glance at the guest list makes it evident how much of a sausagefest it is. I decided to make a spreadsheet of how white and male the guestlist is, and…

In a surprise to nobody, Taylor Swift turns (even more) capitalist

Okay. First things first. This isn’t really a listicle as much as it is a petty jab at Taylor Swift. And not for the usual reasons people make petty jabs at Taylor Swift for, either.

1So of course Taylor’s new album was just announced. It had a cool music video, and some people like the song, and as it is with the music industry, Taylor’s going on tour. But here’s the thing with that tour: Taylor (or at least her agent) has introduced new method to try to get tickets before they sell out. Dubbed “Taylor Swift Tix”, it’s a…

This essay was written for an interdisciplinary English Language and U.S. History project, finished on May 26, 2017. The goal was to select and research a time period or topic in American history and write an essay on it. It has not been edited from the submitted version.

There is a concept in philosophy and politics called American Exceptionalism: the fact that America’s beginnings were unique in world history and therefore the typical predictors for economic and social progression don’t apply to America as well as they do other countries. One of the notable differences is that America economically started…

A little while ago, I found out about an indie game called A Normal Lost Phone from the company Accidental Queens. In it, you are yourself, finding a lost, unlocked phone belonging to a person named Sam. As you explore the phone, you find that Sam has mysteriously disappeared, and have to dig deeper into the phone to find out why. The game is an uncomfortable experience, and that’s a good thing. I want to talk a little about why that is.

Warning: There will be discussion of in-game content beyond this point, including spoilers and mentions of homophobia, transphobia…

This story was written in February 2017 for an AP English Language class with the goal of selecting a topic, collecting resources, analyzing them, and developing an opinion on the topic, then writing an op-ed using the collected sources. It has been reformatted for publication, but the contents have not been edited.

As I make my way towards college applications, I’ve been looking at the various factors used by colleges to determine acceptance. One of the factors a decent amount of colleges use is a policy called affirmative action. While it comes in many forms, the general idea is a…

(This article was written on 1–20–17 as part of a document-based response on learning styles and the multiple-intelligence theory. Sources were supplied by the test and may not be fully available without payment.)

Schools were made for learning. Acquiring knowledge is the whole reason you gave to go there for thirteen years. For all those years, you might have more than once stopped to think: How do you learn? You might think you just learn through rote memorization, but studies done over the past few decades have proved something else. …

When you read that title, you might have had one of three reactions:

  1. You were intrigued, and want to know what this is about.
  2. You already know about safe spaces and agree with the title.
  3. You disagree with the title, so will not believe the rest of the article on principle.

If the first reaction matches your response, congratulations! You are officially out of your safe space, so the title does not apply to you! For categories 2 and 3, however, it does. Why is that? The main reason is that there is more than one type of safe space.

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. Pokémon GO has almost as many one-star reviews on iOS as it does five-star ones. The problem is that people think that GO is something made by The Pokémon Company or Nintendo, when it really isn’t.

Niantic is a small google spin-off and is designing the whole app themselves. Nintendo and TPC didn’t write a single line of code. They just supplied the copyrights. Niantic wrote the app, manages the servers, and now owns the fastest growing app of all time. They’re incredibly overwhelmed. All the paranoia about Pokémon GO being bad for…

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Autistic trans girl. Activist, writer, musician, designer, programmer. She/her.

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