What is time?

Time is an illusion. Time is fake, or not real. Time is this and time is that.

Ive heard many things about what time is, but ive come to a conclusion that because the clock that is in your classroom dictates your freedom, then it is very much real. After going through the proccess of learning what i can about time, all while being limited by time itself, i have been able to fuse together many different concepts and philosophies that sit well with my standards of definition.

I have come to understand that time guarantees something. Whatever your decisions are, determines what kind of outcome you will have. Because of how many times you decide something within a day, your path of potential development changes nearly every single second. I say ‘potential’ because of what you could have been if you decided to continue doing what you were doing. Habits are hard to form, especially good ones, but once an action is established into the routine of a human being, time will guarantee you the results of your work. If you put in 10,000 hours worth of practice into running, you’re guaranteed the fact of being a super fast runner. Even if you’re personally not satisfied with the results and you want to keep on running, you’re still faster than the guy who did not run all those hours.

Physically, time is very straightforward. Time moves forward. Time will end the day. And time will start the day. I understand that time is such a weird topic to write and think about. But after feeling immensely small compared to the massive size of time itself, i had to understand how i can make a dent in this thing called time. I wanted to be able to be in control of the time that i am existing within.

I enjoy writing about the things i learned. And i am very willing to do so. I want to share this experience with all that wants it.

Give me feedback, so i know im actually doing something.

Have a great week.