Get your Costco Receipts in Now!

It’s been a busy month over here at Bounty! We had two Costco tasks launch, and with your help we managed to deliver unparalleled success! Thanks squirrels!

Last week, we launched a Costco task open to all squirrels across Canada at every Costco location. All you need to do is send us a photo of your Costco receipt dating no earlier than August 1st, and we’ll give you cash! It’s that easy!

This past weekend, we opened a contest for our squirrels to see who could submit the most receipts. Our top 3 squirrels earned an additional $30! Congrats to our winners!

“It was a really straightforward task…I was really happy at how fast the submissions reviewed! I really enjoy any tasks,” says Dania Ingram, one of our winners.

This task is open for the next few weeks only so get your receipts in soon! Be one of our top squirrels and earn more rewards in addition to the $1 you will earn per receipt submitted!

Happy shopping!

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