Today we dive into part one of a two part report on some cool facts about Block Members. Enjoy!

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1. Mass produced Modular Building Units (MBUs) integrate and enable a whole range of technologies: IoT, quantum computing, Building Information Modelling (BIM), artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G, blockchain, digital twins, design library, LoRa Beacon, Block Fund, RFID chips. The BIM connects with IoT to track inventory. Quantum powered computers connect over 5G WiFi to the blockchain and links digital twin building blocks to the RFID physical blocks. …

Block Members Simple Technical Overview

Block Members wants to disrupt a $300T industry. Obviously a project this ambitious and technology loaded is highly technical. For those of you who wish to dive into a few technicalities without all of the jargon, this reader is for you.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the simulation of any given physical phenomenon using the numerical technique called Finite Element Method (FEM). Engineers use FEA to lessen the building of excess prototypes and trial and error to quickly create better components during the designing stage. FEA relies heavily on mathematics to resolve the impact of separate particles, elements and objects interacting with each other within a simulated environment. For each construction project to be undertaken FEA can be used to determine how to create a complex architectural design, then 6D BIM and CAD software is used by AECROS’ artificial intelligence to figure out how a complicated design can be made easy. …

CRYPTO HOMES: Blockchain and Crypto is helping to Shape Construction 2.0

We have a lot more than just crypto going on. We are starting the auto construction industry, which changes construction, engineering, home financing and real estate. Heres something to explain how our little blocks form a very big AC industry!

It’s going to be a big fun project :)

In fact we will need to market the BEX ( block exchange)sales for years to come.

First if watch the video to see the physical blocks in action, then you can imagine where they can be monetized for trade on the block exchange.

We will soon sell Blocks from the exchange into oil and gas, industrial and mining construction, commercial and residential developments globally, disaster relief and hurricane homes in storm zones etc. …

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