Walkthrough of Bounty Campaigns

A bounty campaign is an offer made by many startups, websites, and software developers that enables individuals to receive remuneration for performing marketing tasks and other tasks. ICO startups and Token Economy, in general, are an excellent environment for bounty campaigns. A lot of startups and ICOs faced with various problems: a lack of advisors, a product that is not interesting for investors waiting for a high and fast return. Experience shows bounty campaigns are a good solution to global problems like that. Failed projects conclude that the largest problem was not investing enough money and efforts in marketing and not giving themselves enough time to get the word out. The idea might be solid and a team might be fantastic but, at the time, there is no clear guidance how to launch a successful ICO. So numerous entrepreneurs do a lot stumbling around in the dark.

So there — do you follow? Bounty campaigns are very easy to understand: fans, followers, and members of the target community are incentivized to spread information about the product and ICO directly to other people. Bounty programs are an integral part of any digital marketing and promotional enterprise claimed to be successful. In ICOs the bounty allocation is earmarked for use in the running of the business. Like others, Bounty Angels project uses bounties to create a freelance community that benefits from promoting and participating in an online labour marketplace growth.

If a bounty campaign is promoted correctly, it will receive thousands of submissions. In addition, bounty campaigns are an excellent way to build a loyal community around the project. You only need to set aside a tiny part of tokens, usually about 2–5 percents, and that’s it! You are on the crest of a wave called hype. No need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive and often ineffective marketing campaigns. Thus, bounties are also used to engage with potential investors in a very interactive and fun way.

Unsurprisingly, bounty programs gain great popularity among freelancers interested in blockchain called bounty hunters. Often a newbie hunter should overcome many obstacles like companies whose estimate only a number of bounty subscribers, other companies whose disapprove hunters because of the lack of experience and rest companies whose faced with frequent bans and financial wastes because of Bounty Hunters various violation of rules. Don’t you think that it is very hard to monitor all these?

Bounty Angels team offers a solution both for bounty campaigns and for hunters. Our innovative platform automatically checks the status and activities of bounty hunters involved in bounty campaigns and uploads the statistics if it is related to the new platform. Although platform helps ICO newbies and contacts them with an impressive pool of various specialists and advisors that are necessary for a successful ICO launch. Here we need to introduce to you our token — BANG. What will you say about bounty hunters have a choice: to get their rewards in BANG or in tokens of the project? It gives a startling opportunity to freelance Though the service is not free, it provides additional protection against scam projects. Lean on our team: we scrutinize each project before adding it to the platform and then select the best bounty campaigns specifically for each project. You can check everything yourself, there is a working prototype — alpha.bountyangels.com.

We do not come up with something unprecedented. Just launching useful highly demanded platform for ICOs , every person in the blockchain community and for those who are quite new. Well, we should admit that there is another competing project launched. You may hear about that platform. Unlike them, we automate the processes and ICOs don’t have to look for bounty managers and work with a number of spreadsheets and registration forms. On Bounty Angels platform you will face up with a simplicity and a quality of our solution. For last there will be a fair reward and experts if an audit is needed. Hunters who are one step short of Bounty Angels will gain more and more because if the number of platform orders grows, BANG price will grow as well. Look forward to future with Bounty Angels team because if we are together, this ship will never sink.

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