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Jan 23, 2018 · 6 min read

Today we will tell you how our bounty automation platform with partner projects works and how to participate in ongoing campaigns.

What is the Bounty campaign?

There are a lot of projects creates in the market of crypto currency that have their own unique idea of ​​using blockchain technology. Most of them do not have enough money to start work and they are looking for potential investors among all people — this process is called ICO. Some of them turn out to be deceivers, take away the investors’ funds and disappear without a trace.

It’s not just a delicious candy with coconut pulp

Every company needs a good marketing to make successful ICO. But what to do when there is no money for advertising? Search for other solutions. And here the bounty campaign can help you — it’s such a thing invented by cunning marketers, where any person or agency can help in advertising, but they will receive the project’s tokens, they are similar to shares.

So people can help the project by advertising on social networks, on their pages, on blogs, on YouTube, on the thematic bitcointalk forum and elsewhere — for that they receive shares from the pool of tokens.
Further, if the project successfully collects the necessary funds for launching, tokens goes on the stock exchange. And then all earned shares in the bounty can be exchanged for real money.

What is this platform for?

Most of modern bounties are checked exclusively by hand and run in Google spreadsheets, they are very similar to Excel. Accordingly, the bounty manager can change them as he wants — to close them from the general access, remove the participants, replace the rewards, and simply make a lot of mistakes in the calculations. And hunters (members of the bounty campaigns) can not see the information in a convenient form and they are not protected from managerial tricks.

So the standard table looks like. It is launched without automation and without our platform. And this is a pretty good example.

The was created to minimize any manager errors by adding automation elements, and to give transparency to the system, so all participants could see any changes in calculations and tasks.

The platform automates Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other campaigns, the manager has only to check the quality of posts.

And so looks like our interactive table in the bounty platform

How to participate in the bounty?

Any bounty launched on our platform has its own subdomain. Let’s consider our first bounty campaign of the Knowledge project.

On the main page we can see the login window. If you have already taken part in a project on our platform, you can log in using your Email and password. If not, you need to register. To do this, click on “Sign up”, as shown in the picture below:

Form of entrance to the bounty platform

Fill in it all the necessary fields, confirm that you are not a robot and click “Start now!”. If you entered all the information correctly, you will receive an email with confirmation of registration. By clicking on the confirmation link, you will immediately go to your personal account.

The Personal account of ​​the Knowledge Project on

At the very top are tabs with ongoing campaigns and their statuses. “Gray x” — You did not JOIN to this task, “green tick” — you are JOINED. Also, there may be a status in the red triangle with a white exclamation mark — this means there are problems with access to your accounts and you need to click on it. Then you should see and eliminate the cause, otherwise your actions will not be taken into account.

For example, you want to join a Facebook or Twitter campaign.

You need to click on the necessary tab and in the window that appears, click “JOIN”, as in the image below:

How to join a campaign on a bounty platform

Then the following window will appear:

Form of JOIN into the bounty campaign

Here you need to click “Connect Twitter” to connect your social network page, then enter your Bitcointalk ID — you can get it by going to your profile (PROFILE tab) on the Bitcointalk forum and clicking on the “Show Posts” link in the left menu.

At the top of the browser line will be the link you need with cherished numbers. You can copy the whole line or the numbers only. Insert the received data into the required field on the platform and enter your Ethereum (ETH) address to receive the reward at the end of the campaign. Then click “Save”.

If you see a green checkmark on the Twitter tab — congratulations, you participate in the bounty. Further all your actions will be automatically determined by the platform, and at the end of the campaign the manager will check the quality of your accounts and posts, thereby changing your shares.

Pay attention to the data is not updated instantly — the platform needs time to see your actions. Usually one day is enough.

How to view your status in a bounty campaign

Any campaign has a list of participants. If you click on it, you will understand how you are coping with the task and what shares have already been received. You can access it by clicking the Participant list link, as in the image above.

Interactive table of participants in the bounty campaign

A fully interactive table with the campaign participants will appear. You can click on any cell and see the detailed information. By clicking on the cells Tweets it is possible to see all the author’s tweets for a certain period, and by clicking on the Stake cells all accruals and violation of conditions.

For example, the image below shows that the participant did not fulfill the conditions of the first job “Likes + Retweets”, since he made only 1 repost and like from the necessary 5. But he fulfilled the conditions of the second task, for which he received shares:

Example of the calculation of shares in a bounty campaign

For the Facebook campaign, all actions are similar.

How to participate in the campaign of bitcointalk signatures? How do I link my account?

The sequence of actions for participation in the subscription campaign differs little from the participation in social networks, however, with the connection of the account sometimes there are difficulties. After clicking on “Connect Bitcointalk” the following window will appear:

Connecting a bitcointalk to a bounty platform

These data need to be inserted into the appropriate fields on the bitcointalk forum. To do this, click “PROFFILE” and then select the “Forum Profile Information” section in the left panel.

How to go to Forum Profile Information on the bitcointalk forum

Fill in the required fields with data from the platform and save the changes, clicking “Change profile”.

What fields do I need to fill in the bitcointalk forum?

Then copy the link to the profile, using the method described above. Paste it into our platform and click “Check code”. If the button is green, then you successfully connected the forum account to our platform. Now you can enter your Ethereum (ETH) address and click “Save” to participate in the bounty.

Instead of completing

We will add information to this article or write new ones when adding new features.

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Thank you for being with us! Enjoy bounty!

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