AFRICUNIA BANK provides users of its AFCASH wallet the most secure, speedy and seamless platform to manage, exchange and move around their crptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Bounty Details

All the members will receive their rewards in their AFCASH wallets. According to ICO price 1 AFCASH = 1 USD. KYC is obligatorily required through registration on 100,000 AFCASH tokens will be allocated to be distributed amongst the eligible Bounty Participants in proportion to the stakes they have earned. This bounty is specifically to promote Multi-Currency Wallet. So basically regardless of whichever campaign a bounty campaigner is participating in, all participants must download and use AFCASH Multi-Currency Wallet(DOWNLOAD) at least one time during the Bounty Hunting period of one month. This is an obligatory conditions plus all Bounty Campaigners must join three telegram groups (, and and actively comment there otherwise such user will not receive our token. Tokens will be distributed within 14 days after the end of the Bounty Campaign.