About BountyZZ

We have a clear management style through spreadsheet so you can follow the bounty campaigns easily. The bounties we manage are available on our website. In addition to this, our team has experienced members who have managed many bounty personally. We agreed with the most experienced people working in other bounty management companies to give our customers the best quality service. The team members personally managed over 30 projects.

Our team consists of 8 people.

4 team members manage bounty spreadsheets.
2 team members work in PR and bounty support.
1 team member work in marketing.
And 1 team member is related with technical issues.

We are trying to provide the best quality service. You can see our bounty campaigns in the picture below.

Web-site: www.bountyzz.com

Telegram: www.telegram.me/bountyzz

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hellobountyzz

E-Mail: info@bountyzz.com