Here we go again people

It s the time of the year where the birds are singing, the sun shines, I feel warmth on my skin and projects appeal me. I become more and more excited about my future and all I think about is getting healthier, succeeding my exams and going to Brazil to realize one the biggest projects of my life. I’m pretty happy and that’s in this kinda moments I am eagered to begin a blog where I truly believe I ll have the courage to write every week or even every day to embrace my creativity and improve my writing skills to maybe, get in touch with a lot of pepole and inspire them.


I never held a blog more than a month, that s the truth. And I must say it s unfortunate cause I lost a lot of my writing skills due to my laziness.

But now I m in a good mood so I hope I ll hold it this time! What’s sure is that I m not gonna put pressure on me as I did so I ll just go with the flow and let the inspiration come and go as I want it.

That being firmly said,

My name is Jade Bourion, I am 18 years old and I live in Belgium while studying Political Sciences at the university.

I am a very passionate person, about literally everything. I love the world and the people in it and I made it a duty to improve our societies. My craziest dream is to become Secretary-General of the UN so I can help the world from the inside. But what I would love the most is just, to make my life useful. I’m getting depressed when I m not doing something useful, that’s who I am, somebody who wants to do the most she can! That’s why I chose to pursue my studies in the political field : I wanna help.

A lot of people will tell me «they’re all rotten and shit»

Well, that’s pretty true today.

But that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same.

And that’s our duty to make it change!

Wow I can’t even introduce myself without turning it into a speech I m sorry my writing style has been shaped like this.

Anyways, it’s a messy AF presentation but that’s who I am : a spontaneous woman!

I hope you ll appreciate my stuff :)

Have a nice day, people of the world!


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