Okay so I’m not gonna write a long letter here as it s getting late and I have to study tomorrow morning (just so you know lol)

I don’t want to introduce myself tonight cause I think I ll have to write a cooler article to really begin my «blog» but I really wanted to express myself tonight.

I see, everywhere in the world, things happening. Whether they re good or bad, I see things happening. I might be very young and I don’t have the knowledge necessary to define the state of the world today as I m not a political scientist but I see thing, happening.

Humanity is moving, whether it’s forward or backwards for some, we are moving.

And I would like to thank all of you to be present here on earth and to move. Because moving is the first step of improving. Moving is deciding to get out of bed, brush your teeth and go for a run. Moving is going to work with a smile thinking about the chance you have to be able to work in your department. Moving is going to school happy to learn. Moving is drinking with friends a Tuesday night cause there s no rules and you want to enjoy every single day of your life. Moving is debating with people you don’t agree with. Moving is moving forward or backwards but the most important is that we move.

Moving says you care.


Thanks, to care.

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