Why Fascism is Rising Again (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Classical left and right do nothing for the actual people, they just display different arguments but are buzy doing things for their own interrest. What is called ‘New fascism’ here neither but they are shooting even louder and we didn’t see them at work.

They are the only alternative to current corrupted and passive elites and the only way for people to show their exasperation. They are even more attractives as they are not “acceptable”. One vote for them a bit like he could have decided to become punk. A good part of being punk is to have “innaceptable” apparence so people react.

Voting fascism is voting for something innaceptable so people react.

But as for punks, people don’t really react the way they hoped. Government are not fixing un-employement neither are they promoting progress. They just take the biggest slice of the pie they can. They always have done it, even when everything was great, when the pie was growing fast.

That’s the problem, everybody hoping that finally the invisible hand of the market will solve everything and that they can so do everything for themselve.