Well see, I’m NOT for Net Neutrality.
Jim Frankland

Do you really think that when netflix install a datacenter they are limited to 300kb/s at peak on their network connection ? Really ?

No netflix transmit petabytes of data all over the world. They pay Amazon Web Service and other for their thousand servers, their terabytes of bandwidth and ensure to have copy of their infrastructure all over the world to reduce the latency. They pay big money for that and their datacenter are place in key area worldwide near big internet hub of various providers.

Your problem isn’t netflix. Your problem is were your company is physically and how it is connected to the network. Basically the infrastructures that are insufficiant in the area.

You may think that you pay a lot but really that not that much. There likely thousand connected to that network infrastructure with only a small fraction at a given time actually using it… Just think of how much they pay all together… Maybe 100 time more than you alone so really if you are bidding with your money, well you’ll not get much.

You’ll likely not agree to pay a few millions/year anyway to ensure the line is only for you or to fund the investment for your local internet provider to add new lines all by yourself. At 1000/month you are just a tiny, invisible player.

Wihout net neutrality your provider will see the billion put on the table by google, netflix, amazon, facebook and alike and your 1000/month and completely ignore a tiny player like you. Because if you leave nobody care, if netflix leave, the internet provider CEO may loose his job.

What ever you think you are not part of the people that can bribe the system to get more. If you want more the easiest is likely to move physically to a place with decent infrastructures. Many company did it… Again netflix would never have settled in your area or would have spend the millions to ensure they get the TB/s they need.