Living and Dying on Airbnb
Zak Stone

What happened to your familly is tragic and terrible. I’am really so sorry for you.

It is even worse as basically you showed Airbnb to your parents. And you could think of course this is your fault. That is not, obviously. This is obvious but in situations like this we always ask ourselve “what if …”.

Now, really, is it supposed to be your host fault ? Likely. Should it be airbnb fault? Maybe too.

Is it worth to go on a crusade against airbnb ? What would have you done if you rented a friend house? There would be no big company to blame.

In France only, I just checked there 11500 death by domestic accident a year.

If we assume there 100000 guests on average a day in airbnb, We could expect 11500*100000/65000000 = 17 deaths by domestic accident a year from airbnb guests. You found how many? 2–3 over several years? That’s pretty low.

And if I take the worldwide population, that should be 11.5 millions death a years. That more of course because France is a kind of safe, industrialized country. But that to give you the idea. Domestic accidents is not something that happen only to airbnb renter victim of bad hosts.

It is easy to put the fault on the lack of regulations or proper application of it. Insist on the bad behavior of hosts that even rent for shorter period than 30 days in NY and explain they are likely to not pay any taxes. Like if it had any link to the domestic accident risk. It is easy to put the fault on airbnb as it available and just here. but you would never have thought of that if you actually gone through a friend for example.

Nowhere in that story is there any statistics, anything that help us understand is there any issue really with the airbnb model or if it just the pain that drive you. And really I think we would all understand that.

To me if the likelyness to die in a rental is the same as if I’m at home or at friend home I’m fine with this. I don’t expect things to be perfect. And if you go to vietnam, even in an hotel well I’d expect the things to be even worse. We could checks their statistics.

That doesn’t remove the hanger when it happen to you, that I fully agree.