Off The Beaten Activities You Must Try While in Rome

Every year, thousands of visitors visit Rome’s popular attractions such as the ancient ruins of the Coliseum, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescos and the Trevi fountain. These touristy places hardly need any introduction. But, what about those looking to do some off the beaten activities? While in Rome, be like a local, walk down the streets and explore the nook and corners. After day’s tiring exploration, you need a comfortable and luxurious place to sleep. Book a holiday home in Rome online in advance at an affordable rate to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

The hidden gems are dotted all across Rome that allows you to experience the city like locals. Here are some of off the beaten activities that one must try while in Rome and experience the city differently.

  1. The Appian Way — Have you ever heard — “All roads lead to Rome?” The Appian Way is the oldest road in Rome and from this place the above tagline has been derived. Built on 312 B.C., it was created to give the Roman Republic Army an easier method of transportation. Vast green spaces with huge trees and ancient Roman ruins dotted along both the sides of the cobblestone path create a more enchanting view. Nature and clean air will give you the feeling that you are on the outskirts, but in reality, you’re just outside the center.
  2. Protestant Cemetery — The Rome’s non-catholic cemetery is located behind a quiet street in Testaccio. It is basically the resting place of renowned poets — Shelly and Keats. They couldn’t be buried on the Roman soil because of their religion. In the summer months, the place looks quite welcoming, and in other months, you can pay attention to the historically rich attractions that are all lined up.
  3. Per Grazia Ricevuta — Located on the main street in popular Trastevere, Per Grazia Ricevuta is a quintessential hidden gem. This shrine is dedicated to Virgin Mary. The shrine, which is a wall of inscriptions, gives thanks to Virgin Mary for the blessings people have received. You must visit this place to enjoy the captivating views of the Italian culture.
  4. Missionario Di Propaganda Fide — The word “missionario di propaganda fide” means the propagation of the faith. The museum has been designed by baroque masters Bernini and Borromini. The museum houses centuries old fascinating treasures that priests have brought back from overseas. The eclectic collection includes Japanese life in the 1930s and a Canova portrait of Ezzelino Romano. Take a sneak peep into Bernini’s wood-lined, Hogwarts-esque library and Borromini’s Chapel of the Magi.

Other offbeat activities you can enjoy in Rome: Go shopping for custom leather, pay a visit to the cat sanctuary, or take a leisurely stroll through the Vatican gardens. You also have the option to rent a scooter and travel like a local. Italy’s Eternal City has plenty more to do, but prior exploration, book a holiday home in Rome to make your vacation a memorable one.