I’m in relationship with my books

Bookworms perhaps choose books over humans in term of relationship. Being with books, able to carry it anywhere, anytime somehow feels more securing and comfortable than have to be with other human being. As someone who really fond of books I, then, come with a random thought that reading books, somehow, resembling how it is to be in a relationship.

Everybody have their favourite book. It doesn’t have to be one book only, but rather many thus its hard to decide which book is our ultimate favourite. Not necessarily similar with the “real” relationship, but, though hard to admit, we have that favourite person to be in relationship with.

First love always be something special to somebody. Same as person, we do have our first book that made us love the world of books, that made us enjoy reading. That one book we cannot forget and will always have our heart.

Sometimes in life, one need rebound to distract themselves in between of relationships. rebound relationship often short, easy, unserious with less string attached. In the case of bookworms, rebound relationship happen when they finished one great book (or series) and need to distract themselves before starting other potentially good book.

There also times when we try to get to know someone in hope that person will be our future lover. And cannot be denied, sometimes, at some point it didn’t go well. Either we don’t find the person is good enough or the feeling simply doesn’t work so we cut it off before it gets worse. In similarity with book when we meet this case, either we keep reading with unease feeling or just put the book down without second thought.

One thing made the difference, we cannot married to one book. there’s always time when we finish “engaged” with a book and there’s always another good book around. And what we do is keep the book safe in our shelves and our heart as we start a new book.

disclaimer: this is my humble opinion from my own point of view.

p.s. I know my english is really bad, so I’m hoping to improve it by writing this article. Looking forward for your feedback :)

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