For those who do not know anything about Kubernetes, Docker or AWS, I advise digging deeper into the subjects before starting this journey with me. A basic understanding is required to gain insight into the choices I have made and the hurdles I have crossed. I have been actively experimenting with Kubernetes for about 8 months now and I have learned a lot about the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure, tweaking and setting up your cluster with kops and deploying it on Amazon AWS. The road to where I am now was sometimes very painful with a lot of sleepless nights.

Kubernetes Operations (kops)


What is Kelp, what is market-making, what is market liquidity and how can you use Kelp to create it? I’ll walk you through the most important things you need to know in order to get started. Note that this post does not facilitate trading advice nor does it encourage you to be reckless. Always do your due diligence before you start trading and/or use trading bots.

There are a few key things you have to understand before we can dive into the usage of the market-making bot Kelp. The absolute entry point for understanding is something called the order book

Let’s start with some background information on how I got here. I already made apps for native Android in Kotlin, apps for Android and iOS with React Native, and shortly decided to use Flutter for a small app for a small company. It was very clear what the upsides and downsides were with regards to working with Flutter as opposed to React Native. I wanted to share my findings of what I like and don’t like about Flutter in this post.

✔ Running Flutter

Running on multiple devices is very straightforward, no more running specific commands for each device you want to use…

Hosting on Sia can be cumbersome but this post will guide you through it. I’ve heard about Sia quite some time ago and thought it was very interesting to bring our storage needs in the hands of the general public. A lot of people have unused storage space. Currently there’s a surplus of storage renters, so renting prices are low. Renting storage space is currently cheaper on Sia than for example AWS S3. Don’t expect to make large profits (yet). Also, very useful applications keep on being developed, such as

Raspberry Pi with SHDD
Raspberry Pi with SHDD

I’ve chosen to host unused storage space with a…

Distance is something peculiar. It’s very hard to gauge if a celestial object is far away and bright or close and dim. We know that the closest galaxy, Andromeda, is ~2 537 000 light-years away and that Eta Carinae, one of the Milky Way’s brightest blue supergiants, is distanced at ~7 502 light-years. How do we know such distances as we can never actually measure them?

Let’s introduce the cosmic distance ladder. It’s used to approximate distances to objects which we could never actually measure. Each step of this ladder is based on extensive research and allows us to determine…

Event-B is a formal method for system-level modeling and analysis. Key features of Event-B are the use of set theory as a modeling notation, the use of refinement to represent systems at different abstraction levels and the use of mathematical proof to verify consistency between refinement levels. The main use for using Event-B is to obtain a formal proof for the main safety properties of the system. Several use cases running in production now are the Ariane 5 rocket, part of the NYC subway line, and part of the Paris Métro line.

Kripke structure

It’s important to first understand what Kripke structures…

There are a lot of programming languages out there. Some are well known, others are not. Go through this journey of the Prolog programming language and its derivates with their own use cases. Instead of imperative programming, Prolog needs declarative programming. You describe the problem and it finds a solution for it instead of describing the actual solution to the problem. Each of these programming languages are not what you’re used to, they require a different way of thinking.


Complete code can be found on my GitHub and the paper is available here.

Prolog (Programmation en Logique) is based on…

Computer vision is an interesting topic lately due to autonomous cars, augmented reality, ANPR cameras, etc. Cloud computing has long been the way to go due to computational restrictions on edge devices, but the tables have turned. NVIDIA has done a great job with their Jetson devices, starting with the TX2 and now with the more compact one, the Nano. With this device, it is possible to bring more computation to the edge devices and lose the tight restrictions you have with doing everything in the cloud.

Object Detection

We are going to do computer vision on the Jetson Nano with a…

Think about value. Why do some things have more value than others? Printed money is only paper, Gold is useless and oil has a few very specific use cases mainly in the automotive industry. Money in itself is worth nothing if we don’t give value to it. Let’s say all stores accept chickens from now on, what will happen with our current monetary system? Art is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Cryptocurrency fits perfectly between those examples. Worth is something we, as a whole, define. It can be anything.

Bitcoin vs altcoins

An important distinction I…

Our most powerful way of communicating is also our most complicated one. Without any visual information, only fluctuations of air pressure, we can build stories in our mind, feel emotions and convey our thoughts. The debate whether a computer will ever give meaning to allegedly empty words is still raging on. How can a computer, which just crunches numbers, feel a certain way about the word ‘happiness’ or visualize the things that come to mind when you say the word ‘tree’. Natural Language gives us a way of communicating with so much more than just words.

Language Modelling

If you try and…

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