How To Find a Perfect Wall For Your Smartphone .

I love trying different kinds of Walls, i keep changing the walls on my smartphone almost everyday. A perfect wall is like breathing fresh air into your lungs. Nowadays we spent many hours on our smartphone and whatever we do with it finally we’re coming back to our Home screen. So its very important to keep it stylish and refreshing.

Most of the people are using their inbuilt launcher . But people like me who love to experiment with their UI everyday would try different launchers like,

  • Smart Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Apus Launcher
  • Action Launcher

A few of the above launchers have an inbuilt wallpaper management system which have either​ some default walls or a wallpaper downloading Feature.

If you don’t have a wallpaper source on your Launcher you have to manually find one from the internet or you could use a wallpaper app like

  • Urban Walls
  • Backdrops
  • Minima Live Wallpaper

From playstore.

Personally i won’t use these apps not because they’re handy but they would consume a lot of precious storage space on your smart phone.

If you are a wallpaper geek like me, you should know these simple way to get some amazing backgrounds​ to decorate your Smartphone.

The Google Plus Method

Everyone who have an Android phone must be having Google Plus app inbuilt in your Smartphone unless, you are using a custom ROM. Even if you don’t have it, you could either browse it on your Browser or G+ have both Android and iPhone app readily available in your app Store too.

Just Search For some amazing G+ collections.
  • Nick Nice
  • Chris Coe
  • Rutwik Patel

These guys are Curating some of the best collections on the internet with daily updates. These collections aren’t just some casual photography or landscape which you might usually find on internet or Google search.

What makes these Precious colllections special is, it’s personally edited and curated by these amazing guys.

G+ Have this Feature to set an image from a collection directly as your phone wall. So you don’t need to Download an image to set it as a temporary wall.

( Nick Nice Collection )

You may find a thousands of other wall Collection​ from many other Plussers too. So next time you search for a perfect wall remember this easy method.

Thank You.

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