“Follow the nature, do what you have to do” is the key of Morita Therapy. But just like many things originated from the East, in this case Japan, you might want to spend some time, even decades to understand what this simple and straightforward phrase actually means or trying to tell you. But don’t panic, this does not mean you will be stuck at the same place after you finish reading this book as in the beginning.

With no doubt, Morita Therapy is one of the best way to treat anxiety-related disorders and other mental illnesses. What sets it different from the newly developed Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy treatment is that Morita Therapy focuses more on the root of the problem instead of the appearance. In some cases, CBT is a much more of a judging book by its cover method — it might be correct since stereotype does exist, but it won’t be the solution to everything.


I personally suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety disorder, for over 8 years. Due to the lack of resource in China at the time of my onset, I had very little chance of accessing quality CBT treatment which is traditional for people with OCD. So one day, when I was wondering on the Internet from two major OCD episodes, I found a real long article talking about the foundation of this mysterious therapy that originated not far from where I live, but real far from when I live. Surprisingly, I sat down on the chair the entire time and finished this ridiculously long article-book on one go. I didn’t do any compulsions during, or even after. Something in the writing resonates with my actual feelings. My mind just clicked. It’s that simple 8 Chinese characters(Follow the nature, do what you have to do) that got me through the following month, although at the time I barely understood what it meant.

Then the story carries on until today, I’m proud to say I’m recovered. And a large part of the credit goes to Morita Therapy because it is by using this “particular set of skills”, I managed to make peace with my mind. I felt calm for the first time in almost a decade. I decided that if I can do it, you can too. No matter you are suffering from mental illnesses like I did, or just stressing out about life, they are normal and let’s deal with them, kill’em with kindness!