Nylon Nature (Deluxe)

Nylon Nature (Album Cover)

Composed and produced with Ableton Live Suite by Passenger Avenue. The idea for this song is to use acoustic instruments to paint a vivid image of nature with rhythm.

To use acoustic instruments to paint a vivid image of nature with rhythm.

Starting from the percussion elements, the kick comes in at beat 1 and twice on 3. The pattern is consistent throughout the track. As for the snare, it is just the typical location on beat 2 and 4. 2 closed hi-hats per beat with an open one at the end of each bar. Finally there’s another ride element emphasizing the snare hit while some snaps to provide a groove for the percussion. In general, this pattern is inspired by Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”. For the deluxe update, some fills are added to highlight the structure of the song.

In addition to the regular bass, I added a sub-bass an octave lower to provide listeners a physical feel of the bass.

In the verse, I used a simple piano to pad for the melody. A wurli marimba piano is used for pre-chorus. Finally, in the chorus, grand piano kicks in with the main acoustic instrument: a nylon concerto guitar, hence the name Nylon Nature.

I personally play a steel-string guitar. But in this context, the nylon string guitar plus some reverb and delay gives the feeling of zen which is what I’m going after with this track. The rest is basically contrasts and continuity.

I set off hoping to compose a dance track. However, in the end, what I got is this ambient track. Not only do I not feel disappointed, but this song also reinforces my approach and style as a lightweight dance music producer. I lean towards mindfulness and relaxation while providing a strong beat or rhythm. And I think I met the goal with Nylon Nature.

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts about the track on splice. Feel free to remix and let me know how it goes.

This is the first tune composed and produced completely by me. It’s a good start in my opinion and I hope you like it.

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