4 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Picture Frame

If you’ve got an item worth framing, it must be pretty special. And like a bride and groom wrapping themselves in the finest threads on their wedding day, you want to make sure you wrap your object up in the frame that it deserves.

So before you wander to the shops or start hunting for picture frames online, what do you need to think about when it comes to choosing your perfect frame?

  1. What Are You Framing?

Firstly you need to look at what you are thinking of hanging up. Is it a photo, a painting, a sports jersey? Is it a professional work, or is it something that your kids whipped up that has sentimental value?

Some things to remember:

  • Try to match the frame with the medium. Modern, strong photos or art require a similar frame
  • Traditional or antique paintings work well with wooden frames
  • An energetic medium such as a mosaic will benefit from a basic frame that takes a back seat
  • Use a colour wheel to decide which colour and shade works best with your medium
  • If in doubt, a mid-tone wood or simple black photo frame with cream or white lining will work with almost anything

2. Where Will You Hang It?

You not only need to match the frame with whatever is going to be in it, but you also need to ensure that it matches the feel of your room. Do you need to match the style of a country house, an airy beach shack, or a professional office?

Looking around at the furniture and fixings of the space will provide hints as to what the colour, material and style of the frame should be. Hitting a happy medium between suiting the room and the framed object is the goal.

3. Playing With Scale

You know how the Mona Lisa is a tiny painting in a large, bulletproof frame, on an otherwise featureless wall? It creates quite the effect, doesn’t it?

You can play with scale yourself! Experiment with using an oversized frame for a small object. The effect can be dramatic, and really pulls the eye toward the object in question. Great for a showpiece work of art.

4. Why Stop at One?

Collage picture frames are a great way to fill a large wall in any room. By having multiple frames put up in either an ordered or apparently messy way, you can fill in a huge amount of space, and create a look that would’ve have been impossible with just one frame.

When shopping for frames there are many things to consider, and all of them are subject to value for money. But by putting in the time to research your options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution to your framing problem.