Delightfully Simple Ideas for Tea Lights

Tea lights are the perfect decoration for an event or for just around your home. They are a beautiful combination of cheap, flexible and classy. Well-chosen and well-positioned tea light holders can really set a mood in a space, and for next to no money.

While LED tealight candles and glass tealight holders are common choices, there are many other creative ways to decorate with your tea lights. Here are just a few simple ideas that can turn these little candles into true showpieces.

Fruit Tea Light Holders

Your fruit bowl is filled with tea light holders, you just never knew it! If you’re looking for a creative tea light holder idea, hollowing out an apple and placing a light inside can make an elegantly simple statement. The same can be done with citrus — just make a tea light sized hole in the top, hollow out the fruit, and place a candle in the rind.

The great thing about this idea is that it also fills your space with a fantastic smell!

Wine and Liquor Glasses

While the use of purpose built glass tealight holders is common, the creative use of those drink glasses at the back of your cupboard is less so. Using a wine, whisky or martini glass instead of a plain glass tealight holder can add a sense of class to your space.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even use plastic or paper cups turned upside-down as lampshades for your wineglass-bound tea lights!

A Spoon or Ladle

Have you got an odd tablespoon in your cutlery drawer that just doesn’t fit with the rest of the set? Or perhaps you’ve got a surplus of soup ladles, and need to repurpose one. These items (provided they’re metal) can be perfect for tea light displays.

It’s simply a matter of screwing the spoon or ladle to an outdoor wall, or to a piece of timber that you can then hang on the wall, and bending the end up so that a candle can be rested in it. This will make for a creative and rustic looking piece that will have guests marvelling at your ingenuity.

Choose a Shell

While LED tealight candles can give you that beachy summer vibe, nothing quite compares to using seashells. A creative and completely free option, wander down to the beach and collect up a few specimens that will be able to hold tea lights, and group them around your house.

The shell action needn’t stop there. Hollow out some egg shells, then paint the outside to add a fun look. If you’re looking to display some tea lights over Easter, this is the perfect option.

Tea light decoration is limited only to your imagination. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with some even better ideas of your very own!