A bit about Bowled.io

Today, we are introducing bowled.io to the world.

Our goal is simple: we want to democratise cricket and empower the 2.5 billion cricket fans across the world to engage more deeply with the sport they love. We want to give fans a reason to fall in love with cricket once again, and for those who are already head over heels with cricket, well it’s time to showcase your allegiance for the game.

Bowled.io is a new project, at the centre of it is the world’s first cricket based Play 2 Earn game: an ecosystem of assets where users can compete against each other on user-owned teams. Our core aim is to develop an innovative model where users can deploy their knowledge and passion for the game. This platform would enable the fans to use cricket-related skills and reap exciting social and economic benefits

As a user in Bowled.io, you own various assets in the cricketing environment. Assets include the player cards, stadium cards and artifact cards. The various assets can be mixed and matched to devise a winning strategy while competing with other users and the system. The cards mimic the real-time cricketing environment, thus offering user the chance to deploy their knowledge of the game and dominate the opposition.

Users can stake and earn the $CRCX token while participating in the arena. When they win a game, $CRCX tokens will be rewarded and fairly distributed among the user, the stadium and the player owners, and also the fans who supported the winning team. The winnings can be used to bolster the squad by minting new players, acquiring legendary player and artifact cards, or stadium cards to give yourself the desired home advantage.

Bowled.io sees itself as a catalyst for socio-economic revolution that P2E gaming offers in the transformative world. Cricket-passionate people can translate their love for the game into generating a lifetime of income.



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Bowled.io is building world’s first cricket based social gaming platform. Join: https://t.me/joinchat/4TtUrqMI2WA3MTBl