bowmo TechDay Recap

bowmo, Inc.
May 3, 2017 · 5 min read
Left top: Brian Enochson (CTO), Lawrence Zilberman (Business Manager), Reavens Fenelon (Front End Developer), Vlad Mamut (CEO & Co-Founder), Lina M. (Lead Product Manager). Left bottom: Christina Grillo (UI/UX Designer), Katya Sapozhnina (Business Analyst & Customer Success Manager), Caitlin Sing (Content Marketing Manager), Sellers Webb (Corporate Administrator)
Left photo: The bowmo C-Suite; From left: Vlad Mamut (CEO & Co-Founder), Brian Enochson (CTO), and Eddie Aizman (President & Co-Founder); Center Photo: #bowmobold — The bowmo women; From left: Caitlin Sing, Adrienne A. Wallace (EVP, Marketing & Brand Engagement), Christina Grillo, Sellers Webb, Lina M., and Katya Sapozhnina; Right photo: From left: Lawrence Zilberman, Brian Enochson, Lina M., Adrienne A. Wallace, Vlad Mamut, and Eddie Aizman


Eddie Aizman and Erik Syvertsen (General Counsel, AngelList) discussing the inception of boom on the Olshan Frome Wolosky TechDay Stage
Adrienne A. Wallace discussing her TechDay piece “Eliminating Bias and Fostering Diversity & Compliance Using HR Tech” on the Olshan Frome Wolosky TechDay Stage
Left photo: Brian Enochson (CTO) & Vlad Mamut (CEO) attending the General Sector Startup Presentations on the Olshan Frome Wolosky TechDay Stage; Center photo: Caitlin Sing (Content Marketing Manager) navigating bowmo event transition logistics; Right photo: Erik Syvertsen talking with the bowmo CSuite; Vlad Mamut (CEO), Eddie Aizman , and Brian Enochson
Lina M. (Lead Product Manager) presenting bowmo and the evolution of recruiting on TechDay’s South Stage


The bowmo Product Team — Katya Sapozhnina, Lina M., and Christina Grillo at the TechDay bowmo Booth
Christina Grillo giving a bowmo Demo
Sellers Webb (Corporate Administrator) and Jocelyn Taylor (Director of Sales & Business Development)
Eddie Sipershteyn (Business Development Associate)

bowmo, Inc.

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