Women In Tech Are The Path Through The Glass Ceiling

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Mar 20, 2017 · 4 min read

At bowmo, Inc. we are as much about our people as we are about our product. With that mantra at our core, it comes as no surprise that conversations this March — Women’s History Month, have been about the bold and audacious women that make up much of the bowmo Team. There’s a lot to be said about the value and need for Women in Tech, and the bowmo Women, in particular, break the mold and help evolve both Technology and Human Capital industries. During this Women’s History Month, we celebrate the bowmo Women with a blog series that shares their voices and the core values and experiences of being a woman in Tech.


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Caitlin Sing
Content Marketing Manager
bowmo, Inc.

Lina M.
Lead Product Manager
bowmo, Inc.

This Women’s History Month, and everyday, I think about what makes me grateful to be a woman in a STEM field — particularly technology.

I am particularly grateful to all the incredible, strong, fierce and completely resolute women who came before me, who’ve paved the way for me to even have the opportunity to work in tech.

These women are true heroes — conveniently forgotten by those who wrote the history textbooks, making it even harder to break through the “glass ceiling” that is being a woman in tech.

I am so grateful to live in an age where that history is finally coming to light and inspiring even more girls to become engineers, programmers, and scientists. To name a few of my personal heroes, and please read their names with the adjective “ground-breaking” preceding, as each of them is a giant: Katherine Johnson, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Paula Scher. Each of them was not only 100% unapologetic about her 100% devotion to her field and to the pursuit of knowledge, but also faced unspeakable odds in her time, ranging from the injustices of being a woman in many societies until very recently, to the racial injustices of American Jim Crow. Each of them paved a path for future generations of women to follow in their footsteps, navigating the deep crevasse of gender and social inequalities with a little more support each time. I cannot fathom the deep personal conviction and strength of all these women — I can only hope to emulate it as much as possible everyday. I am certain that every woman has experienced at some point in her life sexism in the workplace.

In past workplaces, I’ve directly received or overheard outwardly derogatory comments pointed towards myself or my female coworkers. Even thinking about them makes me nauseous — to think anyone has so little respect for their coworker, who is constantly not only doing an outstanding job, but often a far better job than many male counterparts.

I am extremely grateful to be a woman in technology, particularly at a company which values my opinion and applauds my work with due credit. I know that unfortunately, this is not the norm in most tech start-ups. I want us not to forget the still persistent gender inequalities in the world, and in technology. With all that’s come to light in 2017 at seemingly “revolutionary” technology companies such as Uber, it’s now more important than ever to not be complacent in our victories. The glass ceiling has not been broken. There are still major disparities between women and men in the technology fields,particularly in hard science roles. There is even more disparity between black women and white women in those roles. To speak statistically: In 2015, only 25% of tech jobs are held by women.[1]

In 2017, these were the figures for major technology companies: 18%of tech jobs at Microsoft are held by women, 23% at Apple, 19% at Google, and a dismal 15% at Twitter.[2]

It’s our collective responsibility to fight these injustices, and continue paving the way for future generations of women to succeed in all the ways they can, and to continue moving humankind forward technologically towards a more kind and just society.


[1] https://www.ncwit.org/sites/default/files/resources/btn_03092016_web.pdf

[2] https://infographic.statista.com/normal/chartoftheday_4467_female_employees_at_tech_compa

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