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BOWPI offices in Guatemala City

By: Mario Salazar

We know that our team is tough minded when we finish projects, overcome obstacles and constantly overachieve. We have continuously proven our strength and commitment to our mission, especially during this pandemic.

Bowpi had a unique beginning, led by the vision of our founders to modernize financial institutions through a Lending as a Service (LaaS) platform. Transforming financial companies has been our ambitious goal from the start, combining cutting edge technology, data driven strategy and a multidisciplinary team to provide an end-to-end solution for lenders.

Our dynamic team is constantly exposed to cognitive training, meditation and other brain hacks to become resilient and improve their lives while working in an innovative company. Along with the interesting activities and creative stimuli, comes a certainty that the future depends on consistently developing innovative solutions and bringing them to market. The products we develop require knowledge and coordination of many specialists such as mathematicians, psychologists, business intelligence analysts, project managers and product designers. We are fortunate to be have a talented team in a supportive environment and work with clients who shared our vision. …



Transform your lending operation with our LaaS (Lending as a service) platform to obtain better predictions, better decisions and better results!

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