The movies are always right.

The movies are always right, if you can get people to cooperate.

What I love about movies is that conflict is always resolved. You watch people give passionate pleas for about 2 hours and suddenly everything is beautiful again.

I often leave the theatre thinking “I can do that, life is too short, I can resolve all my conflict if I just try”.

But the problem is people. As one person, you can make all the attempts you want to try to solve conflict. You can call, text, fax, email, send a singing telegraph, stand out side of a window with a boom box. You can do all of these things, but will the other person respond? Will the other person open the window?

Movies, I agree with you. I agree that life is too short and you should always say what you want to say. But how do I say it if the other person won’t listen? How do I break down the door without being arrested and labeled a crazy person?

How do you resolve conflict if the other person won’t cooperate?

I believe in you, movies. I believe in a happy ending, I believe in moving on. I even believe in people. But the waiting is painful.

It’s hard to portray time in a movie while you’re sitting there for only 2 hours. Maybe it takes the character 20 years to resolve their conflict, but it goes by in a blink of an eye during a movie.

I just wish that everyone could realize movies are right. We could all open our mouths and discuss, forgive and forget, something, anything.

I’d like to see a movie where conflict doesn’t get resolved and all the pieces are left a mess. Sure, the guy doesn’t always get the girl, but there is always closure.

We as humans seek closure, shouldn’t we understand that the best and give closure to all?

Movies inspire me, I wish they would inspire you. Movies are always right.

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