Bernie the Booster

Lots and lots of folks are getting down on Bernie Sanders because of what he said at the convention and what he continues to say in interviews and op eds. Some are coming to an understanding of what Bernie’s function is in all of this, but it ain’t easy. My current understanding is that Bernie is a booster. The “founding fathers” were, collectively, Stage One. Honest Abe Lincoln was Stage Two. Socialist Bernie Sanders was the most recent. Bernie is now struggling to achieve separation.

We are the first human generation to observe demonstrations of the fact that what goes up does not necessarily come down. We are the first to realize that the moon is not impossibly far away. We are the first to wonder why outer space is a vacuum: is it because the whole world sucks? Or is it because gravity is relative?

Down here on the earth gravity is a law equated with death, taxes, and corruption. Breaking away from the pull of gravity requires coordinated effort, good timing, and power. Some humans can become reservoirs of power that can collect exponentially more power when it is freely given by other humans. When the power is great enough it breaks through and burns until it is gone. As it burns it can move mountains, end eras, and boldly take humans where no one has gone before.

Bernie needs to leave us now. He is a booster that must separate or run the risk of bringing us down. You see, we are the payload. We must turn our attention to the flight path. Have we achieved critical velocity? Is there an onboard computer? Is there anybody else out there?