A quick performance comparison of Python code formatters

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We’ve been talking about code formatters for Python at work since we’re using Elm and we’ve been super happy about how code formatting works with elm-format. I tried Black a bit to see how it looks and my initial impression is that I like it (except “ for quotes, what’s up with that?) but it felt slow. So obviously it’s benchmark time!

The three big Python code formatters seem to be yapf, autopep8 and black. From what I understand autopep8 does the least formatting, so we should take its speed with that in mind.

I benchmarked against the code base I work on professionally. It’s 240k dry lines of code, i.e. not counting blank lines or lines that just contain comments.


  • Black: 1.6 minutes

Score one for Black!

Both yapf and autopep8 have some annoying behaviors:

  • they output to stdout by default

And the kicker is that Black has a --fast option that skips some internal checks that runs in 48 seconds on this test. That’s pretty much check mate as far as I’m concerned.

Update: I did some digging for another article and it turns out Black cheats a bit here: it runs in parallel. If I turn that off it takes 2.8m on the same benchmark. Still ok though I think.

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